Visual Development

Visual development is on of my favorite things to do as an artist. I love coming up with story scenarios with emotion and tons of color.  

Vis Dev Scenes

Backstory: beachtown

As a storyteller, I believe that a genuine story comes from past events lived throughout life. I recapped my memories of visiting Florida every year to see my grandparents. Being from Ohio and escaping the winter cold for sandy beaches and sunshine was what I lived for. In my sketchbook, I jotted down each memory I had and started to develop characters I ran into at some point on my vacations. Each character had a special significance to my time spent there. I always wished I could have lived there, so I based this story off of a whole summer spent with three strangers who become best friends and have countless adventures together.

backstory: Aimi and the ancient beast

This visual development project was inspired by the idea of a child's imagination. My original idea of this came from a drawing I made in the forest of a girl and a large creature interacting with one another.Being a kid with an overactive imagination and a sense for adventure, I began to develop characteristics and personality for this little girl.  Thus Aimi, the main character came to life. 

Environment SKetches